The Thrill Of Small Suited Connectors on

The Thrill Of Small Suited Connectors on



The Thrill Of Small Suited Connectors (No Limit Hold’em)

Call me crazy, call me dumb, call me what you will. I know that I am right. Having small suited connectors are the cards to hold. I get more excited seeing 67s in the hole than I do with pocket rockets, and here’s why:


The small suited connectors, in my opinion, have the largest risk and reward ratio of any other hole cards. You risk very little with a chance to reap great reward. And what bigger thrill can there be in poker than taking your opponents entire chip stack.


So, what are these magical cards, you ask? Well, in the event that you are new to the world’s biggest phenomenon, I’ll share my wisdom. Small suited connectors are pretty much as they are described. Two small cards that are of the same suit and that both are used in the same 5-card straight.


These types of hands can also be separated into different categories as follows:


First you have the ‘pure suited connectors” where your two cards lie directly next to one another. For example, having the 4 and 5 of clubs or the 7 and 8 of diamonds.


Next are your ‘one gappers”. These are cards that have one gap between them such as 4 and 6 or 7 and 9. visitez le site


And finally you have your ‘two gappers’. Which, as the name suggests are cards with 2 numbers between them, like 3 and 6 or 6 and 9.


And a side note, I also include Ax suited and Kx suited in with these types of hands, as they should be played in a similar way as the small suited connectors.


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