It’s official: everyone knows Google

Drum roll please… the most famous brand in the word is: Google!

The ubiquitous search engine and web tools developer has displaced Microsoft as the world’s top-ranked brand in this year’s BRANDZ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands index.

Google has risen to the top from seventh place last year; an interesting development, CNN Money notes, as the search engine has undertaken little advertising to support its brand.

Other companies which have enjoyed a rise to greater prominence include Apple, which rose from 29th place to 16th and Starbucks which increased its ranking from 48th to 35th.

Is Second Life the future of the internet?

Second life The online virtual world Second Life may be the first step towards a predominantly 3D internet, according to a video cast of Fortune magazine senior editor David Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick says the growth of Second Life proves it is possible to insert content into an internet user’s experience in a much richer way than merely using words and pictures.

According to Kirkpatrick, it is important for businesses that currently do business online to become involved with Second Life in order to see where the internet is headed.

To be successful he suggests companies embrace Second Life’s creativity rather than merely replicating real world environments, such as glass and steel office buildings.

The sweet smell of success

Smell The retail sector, hospitality industry and health clubs are using scent like never before in a bid to enhance their customers’ experience and boost sales, The Daily Telegraph reports.

“Gym goers can now enjoy peppermint-scented workouts (disguises body odour), the air at aged care homes is defused with calming lavender and swanky designers are diffusing micro-mists of signature fragrances in their retail outlets around the globe.”

Australian company Air Aroma International is at the forefront of this new industry. After making inroads into the US market, it is now the largest supplier of scent diffusion products in the world.

The company says scent is a valuable marketing tool as our odour receptors are directly connected to those parts of the brain responsible for memory and emotions. Are you a BIG lover of 2023 Nude Calendars , find a big collection of Calendar here.

Making ads work for SMEs

Adswork An Australian market research company that has analysed 4,500 ads over the last 15 years believes it has unravelled the mystery of what makes advertising work, reports

Advertising Development Solutions says small to medium sized enterprises looking to achieve maximum bang for their marketing buck should:

* Be on target – don’t lose sight of who your target audience is

* Show a mirror image – offer situations the target audience can relate to

* Get emotional – evoke empathy and emotion to foster brand attachment

* Colour up – mood and colour will get your advertisement noticed

* Have a laugh – humour works but only if it’s on the mark, otherwise it can backfire

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