As with any profession, there are going to be potential drawbacks. Working in the gaming industry with its typical go-go, party atmosphere is certainly not for everyone. Shy and reserved types should stay away from the larger, chaotic casinos. Prefer peace and quiet? Look elsewhere altogether. So, before you quit your old job and start packing the car, be sure you have a realistic view of all sides of this business, and you are fully aware of what it takes to go the distance.



Complimentaries, or “comps” as they are called in the business, include free drinks, overnight accommodations and meals, reduced or free airfare, and


other “freebies” given out by the casino. It’s estimated that over $700,000 worth of comps are given away everyday in Las Vegas alone. The bulk of these perks typically goes to those who are betting an average of $25 or more on each hand or round. People who play at this level will have themselves “rated” (the process whereby the bet levels are recorded by the pit personnel) and use this rating to negotiate free offerings from the casino, especially hotel accommodations. Ratings are based on the casino’s potential to win a gambler’s money. Those who sit at $100-minimum blackjack tables or spend all night at the baccarat tables, where the betting can quickly escalate to thousands of dollars, will have no trouble receiving comps. But these days, with heavy competition for customers from the surge of new casinos, even the grind player can work the comp system. Free drinks and meals are often offered to players who might be betting as little as a roll of nickels at a slot machine.


Most, if not all, casinos will require those applying for dealer jobs to complete an audition demonstrating their dealing skills. The audition happens after or as


part of the initial interview with either a pit supervisor or a human resources person grading the performance. From the research we’ve gathered, those reviewing performances look for a variety of things. They obviously want to see that the applicant has sufficient knowledge of the game he’s dealing, but they may also judge the applicant on efficiency, math skills, and politeness.



The casinos you apply at will let you know the details on how they conduct their auditions, informing you when the audition will take place and with whom. The important thing to remember is that at some point you’ll need to demonstrate your skills, emphasizing your showmanship and natural style, as well as your knowledge of the game.




A key principle for landing a job in this business pertains to timing. You know—being at the right place at the right time. Due to the nature of casino employment, with its fast pace and labor-intensive work, occasional long hours, and high -stress situations, employee turnover is frequent. Some people underestimate the commitment it takes to work on a casino floor. Others hire on with a casino for a short time to make some quick cash, then they quit or are laid off during the slow season. In fact, seasonal employment is quite common at casinos in Deadwood, South Dakota, Atlantic City, and in the Lake Tahoe area. A former dealer from a Lake Tahoe casino we interviewed strongly encouraged applicants to consider hiring on for the summer as a good way to break into this industry:


Our area is great for people breaking into the TOGEL HARI INI business. Casinos recruit from a lot of nearby college campuses, looking for students who want to earn some quick cash over the summer. That’s the busy time here. They send new recruits to a two-week dealer school and then put them on the floor working. By the end of the summer, these new dealers know the business inside out and have a pretty good bankroll, too. That is, if they can avoid the gaming tables themselves.


Others still receive promotions, creating entry-level openings. But the number one reason for employment opportunities relates directly to the tremendous growth of the industry. As mentioned earlier it’s boom time for casinos, with new ones staking their claims across the country.


Besides contacting the casinos included on our Job Board, keep attuned to what’s happening around the country as local governments debate gaming issues. Obviously we can’t list casinos not yet built or pinpoint where new ones will appear, but you can review media reports, looking for news of additional states or cities legalizing gambling. It doesn’t take long for gambling establishments to come to town once the legalities fall into place. All indications point toward a robust industry well into the next millennium as more and more communities embrace gambling as a way to generate tax revenues. With the rush of new places predicted to open in the near future, employment for those who do their homework looks like a sure thing.








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