durrrr-Challenge: Patrik extends his lead

durrrr made a brief appearance for the $40K World Series of Poker Event, but busted early after showing up nearly an hour after play began. He and Antonius were on the Challenge tables for a few hours yesterday. During much of that time, durrrr also played Phil Ivey, who busted from the $40K just an hour or two ago himself, on two $500/$1,000 heads-up PLO tables.


Here are a couple of big pots from the session:


The action was to get going early in the session with a 5bet preflop to $21,000 from durrrr in the big blind. Patrik elected to call and the flop came 4s5c6s and durrrr shoved in his last 29k into a 64k pot. Patrik called the shove and the turn came 7c and river 4d. durrrr showed Ac9h3cAd and Patrik showed KhKsJsJh. durrr shipped the 122,559 pot with Aces and 4’s.


The biggest pot of the night came when togel online opened to $1200 and Patrik 3bet to $3600. durrrr elected to call and the flop came 8dTc8s. Partik led out for $5200 and durrrr raised it up to $15,900, Patrik called and the turn brought the As. Patrik check/called a 27,600 bet from durrr and the Qc fell on the river. Patrik again check/called durrr’s $53,057 all-in bet and durrrr showed 9dTdTsAh for Tens full of 8’s and scooped the $200k pot.


The second biggest pot of the night came when Partik 3bet again from the big blind and durrrr called $3600 from the button. The flop was to come QcTs5d and Partik led out $6000 but was raised to $19,200 by durrrr. Patrik called and the turn came 4s. Patrick bet $45,600 and durrr shoved in another $13,398 ontop, which Patrik called. The river came Jc and durrrr showed KhTcAs5c for the Ace high straight.


At one point durrrr was up around $10K and down over 100k too, but he ended the evening down $23,233.50 while Patrik picked up $23,053, increasing his total lead to $447,684. It sure was a swingy session!


A total of 874 hands were played over the three hour session, putting the total number of hands played at 15,123.


High Stakes Rail: LarsLuzak books 419k and Tom-Dwan has a 1.2 million swing


With the World Series taking up the time of most high stakes pros there hasn’t been that much action at the nose bleeds this week. The $500/1,000 action has been particularly dry. However the newly added $300/600 and $200/400 pot-limit Omaha tables with antes on Full Tilt Poker has been steadily increasing.


Sami “LarsLuzak” Kelopuro has had a swingy year thus far online, but last week he managed to post some excellent sessions on Full Tilt, pulling in $419,000 on Thursday alone. He played a session of $500/1,000 HA with  Gus Hansen, luckexpress10, Ashton “theASHMAN103” Griffin, Mike “SirWatts” Watson, and Niki Jedlicka.


Over the course of only 369 hands, Kelopuro booked $214,000 in winnings, including this massive hold’em pot against Jedlicka:


Playing four-handed, Niki Jedlick opened for $2,400, Kelopuro repopped to $8,000 and Jedlicka called. The flop came  8h7h7s and Kelopuro fired out $11,111. Jedlicka called and the turn fell Th. Kelopuro fired again for $24,000 and Jedlicka shoved for $95,926. Kelopuro made the call and turned up KhQh for a king-high flush while Jedlicka showed Jh5h for a jack-high flush. Kelopuro dragged the $163,043 pot.


Later that day, Kelopuro sat in at three tables of pot-limit Omaha— two of $300/600/100, one at $200/400/70 and one standard $200/400 table, facing largely the same cast of characters. Kelopuro picked up another $204,000 in winnings over the course of just over 200 hands.


Tom “durrrr” Dwan managed to get himself into a massive 1.2million hole and drag himself out within the space of a few hours. Dwan started off playing heads-up $500/1,000 PLO with Gus Hansen and managed to lose two huge pots to Hansen, giving him a massive lead. Hansen was up by more than $1.2 million when Dwan got his stuff back together and grinded it all the way back to +4k. Much of that turnaround came thanks to this gigantic pot!


Dwan raised to $3,000 on the button, Hansen 3bet to $9,000 and Dwan 4b to $27,000. Hansen called and checked a 7s5c3c flop in position. Dwan bet $37,200 and Hansen called. The turn came 4c and Hansen fired out $83,000. Dwan just elected to call and the river came Jd. Hansen moved all in for the $204,854 he had and Dwan called all in.  Dwan showed Qs8s7c6c for a seven-high straight flush to Hansen’s KcQdTs2c for the king-high flush.


While still playing Hansen heads-up, Dwan decided to take on Phil Ivey and managed to take $498,000 off the now six-time WSOP bracelet winner in the space of ninety minutes. This brings him back to slightly over break even for the night.





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