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Seats in the tournament are limited slot gacor


Fans will get a chance to play side by side with their slot gacor artists, including John Medeski and lap steel wizard Robert Randolph and the Family Band. There will be more than $30,000* in prizes awarded with the Grand Prize Winner walking away with $15,000!!* A few lucky Vegoose patrons will kick off this amazing weekend with a pocket full of MGM Grand chips while raising money for great causes.

The Tournament will be held Friday, October. 27, 2023 at the MGM Grand at 2:30 p.m. All Tournament entry fees must be paid in person at the MGM Grand on the day of the Tournament. However, you may reserve an entry into the Tournament in advance, by submitting a winning bid in the online charity auction (minimum donation bid $10). The auction will permit you to bid against other individuals for the chance to compete against Vegoose …

Online Casino Malaysia Coach recruits a journalist, a rapidly growing site in the field of online Online Casino Malaysia, is recruiting a “newser” or “newser”, responsible for the editorial content of articles on poker news, as well as a room tester (poker rooms ).

Poker is your passion and you want to work in the world of online games? is recruiting a journalist (junior or senior) in charge of writing daily news on poker news (poker tournaments, poker players, etc.)

Required profile :

– Experience in journalism

– Impeccable editorial

– Knowledge of poker essential

– Mastery of IT tools (HTML, Photoshop)

If this job interests you, do not hesitate to contact us.

Keywords: poker news, poker players, journalism, journalist, Poker, Poker Coach, online poker, poker rooms, poker tournaments

Ali Tekintamgac the champion of the Barcelona World Poker Tour (WPT) 2023

26/05/10 by Alexis Capron

The Barcelona World Poker Tour opened its doors …

Seven Healthy Anti-Aging Care and Treatment Quick Tips – Explained by Age Spot treatment near me Hallandale Beach


Do you find aging as the worst time of your life? Most men and women who are conscious about how they look and feel get so worried as they start nearing 30’s and even more so, in the 40’s. However, you don’t have to look at it that way if you know how to look after your physical body and your mind. If you are looking forward to Age Spot treatment near me Hallandale Beach

It may seem difficult to some, but in reality, it is a lot simpler to take care of your body. You just need to stick to a routine that will make you feel refreshed and great all the time. In this connection, check the following seven tips. Doing these things as early as you can, the better chances you will get of you having a great skin.

1.) Definitely the first natural anti-aging care …

Beauty Tips to Get Rid of Pimples Naturally – Explained by Top filler injector


Here we are going to share some good beauty tips to get rid of pimples naturally with herbal homemade treatment. These beauty tips for pimples in Urdu and Hindi language have also been shared previously. If you are looking forward to Top filler injector

In this modern age, everyone is willing to have a flawless skin to be looked more attractive, handsome and gorgeous. But the sometimes people got pimples and acne on their face, and it become an irritating and unpleasant look, so you should not worry about how to get rid of pimples naturally, as we are going to share some herbal treatment and tips for getting rid of pimples and acne.

Causes of Pimples and Acne

There are several causes of pimples and acnes, as they comes with some blockage in the skin pores. Pimples are mostly common in the teenagers, but adults can also become …

Getting a Wheatgrass Juicer – Explained by Micro blading Chattanooga


There are lot of wheatgrass juice benefits that make drinking them a must. This article will talk about why you should get a wheatgrass juicer and how you can save money buy growing your own wheatgrass. If you are looking forward to Micro blading Chattanooga

One of the benefits of wheatgrass is that it can help you increase your metabolism. This is important in order for your body to burn fat faster and more efficiently. One of the benefits of exercising is that it can increase your metabolism so by drinking wheatgrass juice, you can help further increase it. It is also been said that this juice can help increase your red blood cells as well. Another benefit is that its alkalinity properties. This helps you by lowering the amount of acid in your body. When you have too much acid, it can cause you to become ill. This …

Acne: 10 Most Common Myths – Explained by Laser treatments Delray Beach


What we think we know about acne is steadily being replaced by what scientists are learning. Meanwhile, many myths continue to circulate and endure. Clearing up some of the misunderstandings about acne is what this article is about. If you are looking forward to Laser treatments Delray Beach

Myth #1: Acne only affects appearance. Acne can also cause deep psychological distress. Severe acne can lead to low self-image and feeling depressed. There is a strong link between severe acne and social withdrawal.

Myth #2: Acne is caused by poor hygiene. While skin infections are associated with acne, lack of cleanliness is not the reason for acne outbreaks. The combination of oil and dead cells which produce acne is located beneath the skin’s surface where it is impossible to clean it away. Gentle cleansing with soap and water once or twice daily will keep your skin as healthy as possible. …

Katy Perry Super Bowl Boobs: Place Your Bets!


This Sunday, halfway through Tom Brady’s epic struggle to avoid eye contact with Richard Sherman, Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance will reach over 100 million viewers in the US alone. If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agencies UK

So while most gamblers will be putting their money down on the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks, some smart bettors will be wagering on something far more predictable: Katy Perry’s boobs.

Did you like 26 Best Pics of Katy Perry’s Cleavage? If so, please share:Get more content like this delivered to your inbox for FREE:

Yes, Katy’s famous rack is one of many Super Bowl prop bets that can earn you some big game cash even if you know nothing about football:

Right now, the odds are heavily in favor of Katy bringing the girls out on the field:

The current money line is …

How do latest articles about life insurance plans help people to  | Under eye filler near me raleigh nc

How do latest articles about life insurance plans help people to  | Under eye filler near me raleigh nc


Right now we all are living in volatile times where there is no guarantee of anything including our lives. The only assurance that we can get to secure the financial future of our family is in terms of life insurance. A life insurance policy guards your family and your loved ones against the undesired and unforeseen when you are not there to help them. A life insurance policy is a kind of pact between the insured person and the insurer. The insured gives an definite amount of money in terms of premiums while insurer ensures to provide full coverage in the form of the certain sum of the money to the insured family in the case sudden death of insured. In you are interested in learning about “Under eye filler near me raleigh nc
“, visit this website– today.

In order to get the complete and …

Revive Energy Mints – Awesome Energy Candy | best botox providers in hawaii

Revive Energy Mints – Awesome Energy Candy | best botox providers in hawaii


I am sure each one of you has imagined at least once for a mint that increases your energy level.  It already has been launched and this mint is a perfect energy booster in the name Revive Energy Mint.  Be polite to let on the mint to melt in your mouth, you will get to know the magnificent power this pill possess.  You will get trapped by the hidden energy boosters slowly developing until you are ready to fly.  Do not ever assume that there is something artificial to trigger your brain cells.  It is completely natural.  You will experience the freshness and coolness of the mint as well as a power that is lively throughout the day. We recommend you to check out this website–  to learn about their “best botox providers in hawaii” services.

If you are a mint freak you will get …

Bingo History and สล็อต 888 casino en ligne

Bingo History and สล็อต 888 casino en ligne


Bingo is a game that can be played at a bingo hall or online. สล็อต 888 is popular worldwide, especially in Europe and requires luck, speed and chance. Bingo in Europe has increased in popularity over the recent years and now online bingo and no deposit bingo is becoming the most favored choice.

In addition to winning cash and prizes, the game has many other benefits.

Bingo is wholly beneficial for the mind. The speed and concentration needed during a game of bingo keeps the mind sharp and alert. An increase in mental ability is definitely a good reason to get involved in bingo, whether that is as a participant in a bingo hall, or as an online bingo player. The more bingo cards used the more speed and concentration is needed.

Another interest and benefit of bingo is the shared experiences within the community. Most bingo enthusiasts know …

What Qualifies as a Pre-Existing Health Condition | Best Botox injector near me cary nc


When you obtain health insurance coverage, you may not be covered for pre-existing conditions, at least at first. Many health insurance companies have a six- to eighteen-month exclusion period for coverage of pre-existing conditions. This means that although you are paying your monthly health insurance premiums, issues for which you have sought medical attention in the past are not covered during that time frame. Some health insurance companies will not cover an individual with a history of pre-existing conditions, while others will raise the premiums. In you are interested in learning about “Best Botox injector near me cary nc“, visit this website– today.

A Complex Definition

Pre-existing conditions are defined differently by health insurance providers and employers. Some insurance companies define a pre-existing condition as something for which you have sought medical attention in the past six months. Some states have regulations that determine how …

Mobile먹튀폴리스사이트At US Casinos


The mobile online gambling market is booming in 2013. The demand for mobile casinos has been exploding in recent years due to the availability of cheap smart phones and tablets. It seems like you can do more on an iPhone today than you could on a regular computer a decade ago. 먹튀폴리스사이in Europe were the first to move into the mobile gambling market, but U.S. casinos have been catching up fast. USA mobile casinos online in 2013 include some of the oldest in the business, along with some newer start-ups that specialize in mobile gaming. There are two types of online casino available to mobile users in the US. The first is a web-based platform that is mobile friendly. The next is a mobile casino app. The former is easier to do but the latter provides a better experience in my opinion.

Mobile Casino Gambling Tips

To …

Become a Reseller with Go Mobile Media Marketing


How often do you take your smartphone out of your pocket and look at it each day?  How long can you go without checking your phone?  91% of smartphone owners cannot go more than one hour without checking their phones.  Our culture is consumed with mobile devices, and the popularity is only increasing on a daily basis.  Mobile Marketing is unlike traditional advertising and marketing methods such as television, radio, newspapers, and marketing on the internet.  Why?  Because with these systems, you may put a lot of time, energy, and money into creating a campaign that may never actually be seen by your target market.    You can literally put your message into your customer’s hands through mobile marketing.  Brands using SMS to reach customers connect with 95% of all smartphone and non-smartphone users.

Go real estate social media marketing offers a Reseller program for those who are looking to …

It’s official: everyone knows Google

Drum roll please… the most famous brand in the word is: Google!

The ubiquitous search engine and web tools developer has displaced Microsoft as the world’s top-ranked brand in this year’s BRANDZ Top 100 Most Powerful Brands index.

Google has risen to the top from seventh place last year; an interesting development, CNN Money notes, as the search engine has undertaken little advertising to support its brand.

Other companies which have enjoyed a rise to greater prominence include Apple, which rose from 29th place to 16th and Starbucks which increased its ranking from 48th to 35th.

Is Second Life the future of the internet?

Second life The online virtual world Second Life may be the first step towards a predominantly 3D internet, according to a video cast of Fortune magazine senior editor David Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick says the growth of Second Life proves it is possible to insert content into an …

About the 10 Best Weekend Getaways


There can be nothing better than getting away in the weekend to a special destination. This will give you the much needed time to relax and unwind and make yourself fresh again for a new week of work. When you are a working professional you need to go ahead and take a break once in a while in order to recharge your batteries and rejuvenate yourself. This is only possibly by getting away to some scenic destination. The following are the 10 best weekend getaways which you can consider for having an enjoyable weekend.

  1. Camp Sites

There are fewer ways by which you can relax than by camping out in the outdoors. Camp sites are cheap to hire and are situated in the midst of nature.

  1. Parks

If you have a large family, you can visit the park in the weekend. You can play games of various kinds and …

Cold Sores Treatment Center


At the Cold Sores NYC Treatment Center at Cold Sores NYC in New York, NY we treat two types of herpes simplex virus: type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2).

Herpes simplex virus 1 leads to the development of small and usually painful blisters on the skin of the lips, mouth, gums, or lip area. These blisters are commonly called cold sores or fever blisters. Herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV2) is more commonly associated with genital herpes, although it can also infect non-genital areas.

What Causes Oral Herpes?

Oral herpes is an extremely common disease caused by infection of the mouth area with herpes simplex virus, most often type 1. Most Americans are infected with the type 1 virus by the age of 20.

The initial infection may cause no symptoms or mouth ulcers. The virus remains in the nerve tissue of the face. In some people, the virus …

Rob sanghoki takes down Event #30, $10,000 World Championship

Limit sanghoki years $10k World Championship Limit Holdem was expected to have less players than last years event. Only 143 players showd up initially, with more joining after the start of the tournament. It ended up with 218 players, short in comparison to the 243 player field of 2007. The prize pool reached $2 million with almost half a million dollars paying out at first place ($496,931). The final table got underway after two days and lasted at least 7 hours.

Большие выигрыши в новом онлайн казино в казахстане в 2023 году. Большие бонусы Pinup на первые депозиты на матчи чемпионата мира. Новогодние сюпрпризы и подарки от казино на первый депозит.

Chris Vitch is Eliminated (Ninth Place, $51,230)

Christ Vitch moved his last chips in on ( Q 9 ) and was called by Aaron Katz, who held ( 3 8 )

Board came ( K 7 4 2 8 …

How to Organize Your Fridge to Eat Healthier

Have you opened your fridge lately only to find it full to the point of overflowing, and then realized that you have no idea what’s in there?  If you’re not clearing out old items on a regular basis, you could be doing damage to your health without even knowing.  For one thing, items that have begun to mold or go rancid can affect other foods, especially if containers aren’t properly sealed.  And a fridge that is unclean can attract insects and other pests.  Further, if you don’t mark items with dates, you may inadvertently eat fords that have begun to spoil.  The obvious solution is to declutter your fridge and start a system of organization that will ensure healthier eating habits.  Here’s how to do it.

You’ll want to start by pulling absolutely everything out of your refrigerator and freezer (probably separately if there may be items you want to …

First ever World Series of toto sgp Poker Commissioner

Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. has announced that it intends toto sgp Pollack, subject to regulatory approval, to become the first ever Commissioner of the World Series of Poker. This year’s event is to be held at the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Pollack will be taking on this role in addition to his current position of Vice President of Sports and Entertainment Marketing.


Harrah’s Senior Vice President of Brand Management commented “The World Series of Poker is a unique event in the gaming and sports industry and, as such, requires special oversight and management,” “Designating Jeffrey as commissioner will further empower him to develop a strong sense of community among our players, tournament organizers, event staff, media partners, sponsors, licensees and corporate management team.”


During last years World Series of Poker event, the most prestigious on the poker calendar, more than $52 million prize money …

durrrr-Challenge: Patrik extends his lead

durrrr made a brief appearance for the $40K World Series of Poker Event, but busted early after showing up nearly an hour after play began. He and Antonius were on the Challenge tables for a few hours yesterday. During much of that time, durrrr also played Phil Ivey, who busted from the $40K just an hour or two ago himself, on two $500/$1,000 heads-up PLO tables.


Here are a couple of big pots from the session:


The action was to get going early in the session with a 5bet preflop to $21,000 from durrrr in the big blind. Patrik elected to call and the flop came 4s5c6s and durrrr shoved in his last 29k into a 64k pot. Patrik called the shove and the turn came 7c and river 4d. durrrr showed Ac9h3cAd and Patrik showed KhKsJsJh. durrr shipped the 122,559 pot with Aces and 4’s.


The …

Millenium Dome Make-Over

London’s Millenium Dome is to be bought and transformed into a glittering casino by South African gambling tycoon Sol Kerzner.


Built at a cost of more than £800 million (S$2.54 billion) to mark the year 2000, London’s Millennium Dome was closed in 2001 and costs millions of pounds a year in public money to maintain.


The casino, by contrast, is expected to bring in much more than that annually, and will be combined with a 600-bed hotel, thousands of new apartment homes and berths for luxury yachts.


The developers even plan to explore the feasibility of letting medium-sized cruise ships anchor in the River Thames to bring in overseas players.


In true Las Vegas-style tradition, there will also be dancing girls and international singers to attract customers.


The development of the Dome into a giant luxury casino is made possible by the government’s decision last …

Blackjack Rules: Table of Contents

1.0: Casino Basics

1.1: Choosing a table

1.2: Buying chips

1.3: Making a bet

1.4: Cashing in

2.0: Basics of Blackjack

2.1: Premise of the game

2.2: Values of the cards

2.3: The deal of the cards

2.4: How the dealer plays his hand

2.5: What is a Blackjack, or a natural?

3.0: The Player’s Choices

3.1: Surrender

3.2: Hitting/Standing

3.3: Doubling Down

3.4: Splitting Pairs

3.5: Insurance and Even Money

4.0: Summary

1.0: Casino Basics

1.1: Choosing a table

Before playing the game, you’ll need to find an appropriate table at which to play.  If you’re a newcomer to this process, there are a few items to keep in mind.  You’ll want to pay attention to several details about each table that you approach.  The most important item is the sign declaring betting limits.  Both the minimum and the maximum allowable bets should be clearly posted on a sign …

Presiden UEFA dan Bandar Togel Singapura

Presiden UEFA dan Bandar Togel Singapura

Michel Platini, presiden UEFA, telah meluncurkan permohonan putus asa kepada para pemimpin semua negara Eropa meminta mereka untuk membantu dalam pertempuran melawan kapitalis sepak пинап kejam.

“Ancaman serius bergantung pada perkembangan sepak bola Eropa. (…) Uang tidak pernah menjadi tujuan akhir sepak bola: tujuan utama selalu untuk memenangkan piala. Untuk pertama kalinya kita mungkin memasuki era di mana keuangan keuntungan saja akan menjadi ukuran keberhasilan olahraga,” tulis Platini dalam suratnya kepada satu-satunya orang yang dapat menghentikan beberapa lusin konglomerat dari membawa semua pemain terbaik dunia ke beberapa lusin klub Eropa Barat meninggalkan sisanya tanpa apa-apa.
Для регистрации необходимо открыть главную страницу официального сайта mostbet В правом верхнем углу нажмите на соответствующую оранжевую кнопку.

Platini tahu bahwa politisi UE-lah yang memungkinkan para pengusaha memperlakukan sepak bola hanya sebagai cabang industri lain yang mengabaikan kekhasannya sebagai kompetisi olahraga dengan ikatan kuat dengan komunitas lokal.

Kepentingan puluhan juta penggemar dari bagian dunia yang …

Ulasan Kasino – Kasino Mapau

Ulasan Kasino – Kasino Mapau

Apakah Anda baru mengenal perjudian online dan tidak yakin kasino mana yang memiliki reputasi baik? Apakah Anda seorang veteran yang mencari lebih dari sekadar kasino “pemotong kue”? Apakah Anda siap untuk kasino dengan layanan pelanggan terbaik dan yang telah terpilih sebagai “Kasino Online Paling Jujur”?

Jika Anda menjawab “ya” untuk semua pertanyaan ini, Anda siap untuk Kasino Mapau Sunny Group!

Saya telah bertaruh online selama 5 bulan sekarang, dan saya akui saya telah mencoba sekitar 50 kasino berbeda dalam upaya menemukan yang tepat untuk saya. Sekarang dengan taruhan senilai lebih dari $ 100.000 di bawah ikat pinggang saya di Sunny Group, dan lebih dari 80% dari

bahwa di Mapau, saya dapat dengan jujur ​​mengatakan bahwa Mapau adalah kasino favorit saya dan tempat saya menyetor uang paling banyak.

Mapau menawarkan banyak pilihan deposit. Anda dapat menyetor menggunakan kartu kredit Anda, PayPal, Firepay, Neteller, Citadel, Western Data sgp Union, Wire Transfer, kartu …

$30.000.000 dalam Pembayaran dan Penghitungan di Link Alternatif Sbobet

$30.000.000 dalam Pembayaran dan Penghitungan di Link Alternatif Sbobet

London, 22 Mei 2001 – Portal Permainan Jackpot Madness ( mengumumkan bahwa jaringan 70-kasino sekarang telah melampaui rekor pembayaran jackpot total $30.000.000. Kemenangan penting yang mendorong total lebih dari tiga puluh juta adalah jackpot lotsaLoot Lucille M sebesar $53.776,43 yang dimenangkan pada 18 Mei di Casino Mapau ( Kemenangan itu adalah jackpot ke-61 dengan nilai lebih dari $50.000 yang dimenangkan di jaringan Jackpot Madness tahun ini.

“Melewati $ 30.000.000 dengan tegas menetapkan Jackpot Madness sebagai portal nomor satu untuk game online, dan membuktikan, sekali lagi, bahwa kami adalah tujuan untuk jackpot terbesar di internet,” kata Marilyn Glazier, Direktur Hubungan Masyarakat untuk


“Kami mengucapkan selamat kepada Lucille atas kemenangan besar pertamanya, dan berharap dapat melihat namanya di daftar pemenang jackpot ganda kami yang berkembang pesat. Para pemain Jackpot Madness telah secara konsisten membuktikan bahwa kilat dapat menyerang dua kali, tiga kali dan bahkan lebih banyak lagi!”


Beberapa pemenang …

Peluang Sbobet seumur hidup

Peluang Sbobet seumur hidup

Anda merekomendasikan untuk selalu memainkan jumlah koin penuh saat memainkan mesin progresif. Saya hanya berharap istri saya telah mengindahkan saran Anda ketika dia memasukkan satu koin ke dalam progresif $ 250.000 dan mendapatkan jackpot besar. Pembayarannya hanya beberapa sen dibandingkan dengan kemungkinan pensiun dini. Semoga musibah ini tidak menimpa pembaca selanjutnya. Jeff R.

Bencana satu koin dari bermain progresif dan memukulnya terjadi lebih sering daripada yang dapat Anda bayangkan, Jeff.

Pembaca perhatikan: Lain kali Anda berada di kasino, perhatikan mesin slot progresif: Sebagian besar mesin akan menunjukkan berapa banyak koin yang dimasukkan pemain terakhir sebelum meninggalkan mesin. Indikator tetap seperti itu sampai pemain berikutnya datang dan memasukkan lebih banyak koin. Saya telah berjalan melewati progresif yang tak terhitung selama bertahun-tahun mengungkapkan bahwa pemain masa lalu, mungkin istri Jeff, telah meningkatkan jam bersinar untuk kasino dengan melemparkan satu koin.

Alasan utama untuk memainkan mesin progresif yang berpotensi mengubah hidup adalah bahwa …

Playboy Chairman to Speak at IGI Semua Situs Slot Mpo Conference

Playboy Chairman to Speak at IGI Semua Situs Slot Mpo Conference

Business Wire – Christie Hefner, chairman and chief executive officer of Playboy Enterprises, will be the luncheon keynote speaker at the first-ever Interactive Gaming Expo & Conference being held from Sept. 26 to 28 in the Grand Ballroom complex at the Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas.

The conference is the first and only event bringing the regulated casino industry together with interactive gaming, according to Interactive Gaming Institute of Nevada (IGI) President Richard Fitzpatrick.

Hefner will deliver the keynote address, “Playboy: Betting on Brand Power,” during the show’s luncheon at noon on Thursday, Sept. 27.

Hefner, whose company operates,,, and, will discuss how Playboy has built a brand-driven, multimedia enterprise and the company’s plans to leverage these assets in the online gaming space.

Hefner oversees policy, management, and strategy in all areas of Playboy Enterprises. She joined Playboy in 1975 and worked in …

Global Casino Malaysia Gaming Expo Wrap-up

Global Casino Malaysia Gaming Expo Wrap-up

It’s some time on Thursday (afternoon, I think). I’m back from Vegas, a little tired and with a new appreciation for neon. I thought it would be a good idea to share my impressions of the inaugural G2E and provide a wrap-up to my reports from the show.

Those of you who have been reading the reports may have noticed that I didn’t file a story on Wednesday. That had something to do with Tuesday night’s all-you-can-eat seafood buffet at the Rio, several hours of Blackjack, and a trip to the rooftop bar.

Entering the Global Gaming ExpoBut it didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, because there wasn’t really anything going on on Wednesday. And unfortunately, that sort of sums up things for the show as a whole.

The first ever Global Gaming Expo was interesting because of what it was trying to accomplish – the gaming …

Overview of the Asian2Bet Player’s Strategy




In this section, and in the similar sections that follow for each type of machine, I will discuss the highlights of the proper strategy for the machine. I will concentrate on those discards that differ from normal table poker. The complete strategy is given in the Jacks-or-Better Expert Strategy Sheet. I take that sheet with me when I play in the casino, and even after many years, I still have to refer to it occasionally for the close hands. But for those of you that like a less terse (and less detailed) description, here are some key points:

Always go for a royal flush if you have four of the cards you need: break up a pat flush or straight, and certainly a pair of jacks-or-better, if you have to.

Break up a pair of jacks-or-better to draw one card to a straight flush, but in general …

Wynn details $2.5 billion plan for Le Reve in IPO

Wynn details $2.5 billion plan for Le Reve in IPO

Steve Wynn, the builder of the Mirage Resorts empire and owner of the Desert Inn hotel-casino on the Strip, today filed for an initial public stock offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission to partially fund Le Reve, a $2.5 billion luxury resort he hopes to open in March 2005 at the Desert Inn site.

The IPO, filed this morning by Wynn Resorts Ltd., Las Vegas, is underwritten by Deutsche Bank Securities (formerly Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown), New York, Bear Stearns & Co., New York, and Banc of America Securities, San Francisco, and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, New York.

The timing of the initial stock sale and the initial stock price were not listed. The filing projects proceeds of $355 million from the offering.

In addition, Wynn Resorts and its subsidiaries, Wynn Las Vegas LLC and Wynn Las Vegas Capital Corp., will jointly offer $350 million in second mortgage notes.

The …

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