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Temporary bookmarks

Postby joshnz » October 29th, 2010, 8:59 pm


I have a suggestion that I (and hopefully others) would find very useful. The idea is temporary bookmarks, and works in the same way as markers do in Code Rush. A hot key would drop a marker or create a temp bookmark. You can then navigate around, and a hotkey would then take you back to the last temp bookmark placed, and also "collect" the marker (ie, remove the temp bookmark). Pressing the hotkey again would take you to the next temp bookmark in the stack and remove that also.

I realise that VS has a feature built in to navigate back and forward between cursor locations, and I use this all the time. However, often you navigate deep into a call graph, and wish to jump back to the top without having to navigate back through the last several cursor locations.

I would image this would be relatively easy to implement. You could leverage your exisiting book mark code but use a stack structure to store them. A single hotkey would drop a new temp bookmark, and this same hotkey would be used to drop the next bookmark. A single (different) hotkey would pop these bookmarks back off the stack. I don't really use bookmarks as there aren't really regular points that I need to come back to. However, this temp bookmark idea would be extremely useful.

I realise that I could achieve the same thing by placing a bookmark, and then jumping back to it, and then removing the bookmark, but my suggestion just simplifies the whole process.

Thanks for your consideration.
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Re: Temporary bookmarks

Postby Sergey » November 9th, 2010, 11:56 pm

Hi Josh,

Sounds interesting. I do run into a similar situation from time to time mainly due to the fact that bookmarks go "stale" after a while. So, the fact they are persisted doesn't buy much on solution reload. I'm gonna think it through but add it to the queue in the mean time.

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