WPrinter - Screen Shots

1. When running, WPrinter adds an icon to the system tray. When you move the cursor over that icon, hint is shown with Windows default printer name. One click on the icon shows all available printers menu. Another click allows you to change Windows default printer.

Please notice that these screen shots have been taken on Windows Vista and up. On other Windows versions some menu icons will look differently or may not be available.

WPrinter Pro Menu

2. Some of the printer properties can be customized in this version. That includes printer name (or also known as alias), icon and shortcut.

WPrinter Pro Properties

3. New options on the Shortcuts tab allow you to configure some of the new WPrinter shortcuts for: printing defaults, printer properties and print jobs items.

WPrinter Pro Shortcuts

4. Below you can see the screenshot of Lite version. As you can see the WPrinter's main menu looks a lot more different compared with Pro version.

WPrinter Lite Menu