WPrinter - Features

WPrinter Pro has a lot of useful features, helping you to streamline the default printer change operation and aid in identifying the default printer. Some of the Pro version features are:

  • Ability to customize printer name, icon and shortcut for every printer installed. The customized icon for the selected printer is shown in the system tray (where the clock is). The customized printer name is used in printer's menu as well as for the system tray tooltip (when you move the mouse over WPrinter's icon). Customized shortcut is also shown in the printer's menu. Having custom printer shortcuts allows you to quickly activate any printer without ever going through the WPrinter's main menu.
  • Ability to customize printer icons for group of printers such as local, network and faxes. Icons from any application, library or icon files can be used.
  • Ability to set the printer orientation and number of copies directly from the menu without bringing up printing defaults dialog.
  • Ability to designate one printer as a boot printer. Every time it loads, WPrinter will make sure that Windows default printer is set to the boot printer.
  • Ability to run a batch file, an application or an internal OS command based on printer change event. That is done via configurable command lines. WPrinter supports two types of command lines, one executed just before the default printer looses its default status, and the other one executed right after new printer receives its default status.
  • Extensive printer offline capabilities, allowing you to bring one or all printers either offline or online. There is also an option to check the default printer online status.
  • Ability to purge the default or all printers print jobs.
  • Smart Queue feature. When engaged, WPrinter brings the default printer online (printer has to be offline to begin with), waits until all print jobs have been sent to the printer and then brings the printer back offline. This feature allows you to stack up some print jobs, quickly connect and send them all to the printer, and disconnect when done.
  • Ability to set application keyboard shortcut, as well as shortcuts for several printer actions. Those actions include Print Jobs, Printer Properties and Printing Defaults. This feature is very useful for those users who prefer quick keyboard key combinations over the mouse actions.
  • Ability to quickly access Windows's Printers and Add Printers actions.
  • Customizable printers menu and tooltip options.
  • Full Windows schemes support.
  • Full installation and uninstallation support.
Important Notice: Upgrading From Version 3.0

Users upgrading from version 3.0 should find all features in the latest version 3.1 functioning the same exact way. The only known issue is that version 3.0 registration information is incompatible with version 3.1. As a result, registered users of version 3.0 will be greeted with a registration reminder after upgrading to version 3.1. The workaround is very simple: just re-enter your registration information after installing the new version 3.1.